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Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet Taylor...

On Thursday, December 1st {along with being Grinch Day} we met our newest class member.  He/She will stay with us through Friday, December 16th & report to the North Pole each night.

It is a great family/class tradition that I started...thanks to my bloggin' friends. 

I got my Elf on a Shelf box from B&N because it earned my school 10% - why not?  But you can find them everywhere!

Our class introduced ourselves & immediately began tossing out names {Elfie, Tiny, Alex, Riley, etc.}.  I read aloud the accompanying book and we began to discuss names.  My only rule was it had to work for a boy and a girl...interesting names came up.  We narrowed it down to 2 - Alex and Riley.  {In my heart of hearts I was gunning for Riley, but alas Alex won.  So I pulled the Executive Decision kids didn't like that - probably because I've never done it before!!!!}  So, I offered out Taylor & squashed Alex.  I said, "Taylor or Riley, these are our choices - I'm happy with either!"  Taylor won by 1 vote - you should've heard the disappointment.

So Taylor it far here's his/her favorite classroom places to keep an eye on things:

Can't wait to see where he/she'll turn up tomorrow!!

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