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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Ummm...I'm Back!

So much has happened...not sure who reads this anyways.

Living the dream at Marley Park in Kinder, year 3!

New team, POSITIVE bunch, & in my *humble* opinion - 4 is the magic number.  4 on a team has been AMAZING.

Keeping on with the awesome, Mon. we had a major setback at "the Park" but in the words of Elphaba and a favorite musical Wicked " can't bring me down!"

So my "team" AKA "band - The Marley Misfits" proceeded to ROCK OUR SCHOOL!  None of us had experience as musicians, song writers, assembly prep., getting ahold of PR for our district, knowing copyright laws, ...basically we all took BIG steps into the unknown.


For.The.KIDS. - that's why!  We delved into a new reading program (One School. One Book. or Read to Them), to transform our literacy night.  You see, we've done Dr. Seuss for 14+ years & while he's a great author, there was minimal participation & enthusiasm for our Literacy Night event.

So, I discovered One School. One Book. & presented it to our principal.  She proceeded to get ALL.THE.THINGS!  Books ordered, vendors approved, assemblies, time to present, & calendar events...she was AMAZINGLY supportive.

Then San Diego GYTO transformed our Literacy Night roll-out into a rock themed EXTRAVAGANZA!  I was challenged to Rock Your School on 9/20/18.  I was thinking small, my room, my team, sharing with 1st grade (my sister).  Shawn, my sister & colleague in 1st, dropped the mic when she suggested a Whole School Roll Out, Rock Themed on 9/20!  Game.CHANGER.

So Aug. 2 came & back to school - we all know how hectic that all, our Literacy Night team met & planned about 8 times before & after school.  We planned the book purchasing, ROCK Video, PR contact, filming dates, tees/costumes, & assembly - we made it happen!  I couldn't be more proud of my team & band mates!!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU: Lori, Sam, Jenna, Bonnie, Genera, Amanda, Brittany, Lisa, Kellie, Jessica, Carin, & *especially* Shawn (it was YOUR big idea that ignited the spark)...which led to:

And thanks Ryan for the amazing recording session, video, and PR/photos - you made us look good, and despite being REALLY out of my comfort zone, you required us to follow copyright, push ourselves, and keep going despite embarrassment (or potential embarrassment).  You followed through with all your promises and you helped us make and capture remarkable memories for our K-8 students!

If you haven't pushed yourself, gotten *REALLY* uncomfortable, and tested the bounds of your creativity...let me encourage you


Your kids won't disappoint - they will appreciate your efforts.  I can't lie, there was a moment of disappointment in our assembly...but when those 6-8th graders were caught reading & humming the chorus of our video hours later, all that frustration dissolved.  The.KIDS.ARE.READING. - which was in fact the WHOLE purpose for the assembly & program.

Thanks GYTO! for the nudge, push, & amazing experience that was National Conference in San Diego, CA helped me challenge my practice and take an educational risk...that in turn is having a

HUGE PAYOFF for our KIDS at Marley Park!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

First 3 Weeks...

So we're starting week 4 & planning week 5!

Hard to believe, but it's so exciting to see our classroom community deepen.  So excited we're starting independent centers, partnering, and just getting the routines & schedule of school.

Here are a few photos of our "Friendship Fruit Salad:"

Then we had Open House {except we call it Expectation/Curriculum Night at my new school}.  Since parents are in, gotta get something up to show all our hard work (learning to write our name in standard form, cut, color, & glue):

Truly living the dream!

Miss Kristan King

Friday, August 12, 2016

Data & ATB

So new school & new expectations.

Excited to try my hand at All Time Best.  Not sure if you're familiar with this system - my school is implementing an ATB program school-wide.

Here's what my data wall looks like currently:

We take 5 question quizzes/tests every week in ELA & Math.  I graph the data & discuss.  Here is my ATB graph:

Here is my math priority standards graph:

Here is my ELA priority standards graph:

I also add a DIBELS Next stack graph, but I have to redo it because I dropped from 29 to 22 students & when I made my graph I had 2 absent kiddos!!

How do you chart & discuss data in your district/school/classroom?  Any ATBers out there with some tips or tricks?

Happy Data Charting,

Miss Kristan King

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Finding Your Spot!

Moving is tough!

Heck, change is tough.  Heard that moving is one of the top 5 hardest things to do...can I get an "Amen!"

Last May, I moved states.  It was hard to leave a 10 year spot in one district.  REALLY HARD to leave my team of 5 years, that was probably harder than boxing up everything.  That final good-bye in the parking lot when none of us wanted to pull out first...whew, pass a tissue!!

Well, new state. New district.  Last year was...c-to-the-razy!

And this year, starting over, again!  God made a way when there seemed to be none - He's awesome at that.  I endured a year that taught me a lot, about who I want to be & rising above.

So, here I am - AND IT FEELS SO GOOD!  Blessings come in many forms & I am SUPER pumped and rejuvinated to start Kindergarten, in AZ, at my new district, & my new (albeit familiar) school.  My sister is around the corner (LITERALLY, teaching 1st grade) and really, it's AMAZING!!  See, God thing!

Here is how my room looks (and yes I'm open to change; however, no matter the school, or district my room just comes together to make my own familiar, special, HAPPY place - so many of the features you'll see have carried over & some are new).  Check it out:

Come on in, Follow the yellow brick road to Rm. #118.

Thanks Michelle Hannah for my awesome vinyl lettering (customized)!

My easel - Donor's Choose is AWESOME!

Carpet area

Calendar & puppet theater (in right corner) station

Objective & Daily schedule area...1/2 of our Reading Focus Wall

Document camera & my desk - oh the cords & clutter!!  Bottom left is our "Chrome book Station"

Front board, divided for my projection & other 1/2 for Reading focus wall poster.

My 1st MPES parent gift (her son's in my room - she's a staff member, teaches 5th).

Writing station

Wicked Word wall & play-do station

Table Tubs, sink, drinking fountain, & cupboards

More cabinets and storage - block station & some of  our classroom library.

Our Listening Station, Classroom Library, All time Best & Data wall of "OZ"some Goals!

Sensory Table Station, recess door, color/shape wall, bathroom, & storage closet.

Reading table - where the "MAGIC" happens!  Don't you love my new IKEA red chair?

Behavior Clip Chart

Math manipulative storage

Built in cubbys!

And new "closet-o-shame"...already a mess, oh well!  Closing the door & tackling that problem Scarlett O'Hara style..."Tomorrow's another day!"
 This folks is my new home.  Have a great year, I'm so excited for my fresh start.

There's no place like....SCHOOL!

Miss Kristan King