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Thursday, April 21, 2016

We're Off and Hatchin'

So this arrived over spring break...

I can't lie...I'm no farmer!  Luckily though, I have moved home & I know in people who are related to me, as in an EXPERT birdman, who loves me so much he'd never tell me (or 26 5-6 yr. olds) "No!!"

So what's a girl to do?  Call her UNCLE!!  I am so indebted to my Uncle Perry - he's such a great man!  He walked me through all things bird after school on Friday, April 15th.  I felt confident walking out of his house at 11pm, "Yup.  I can do this thing!"


I have that incubator at 100 degrees, humidity between 65-70% & we're on Day 2!

The kiddos were STOKED!

Here's some proof:

Along with the 12 chicken eggs I received from my Donors Choose grant, I also got 5 more from my uncle (he has bird friends!).  So I am pretty sure we'll have a successful hatching in Room #204 in about 20 days.

And, I think I'm MORE excited than the 5-6 yr. olds!  I don't sleep at night, worrying about if my "bird babies are too warm, or too cold...if they're moist or dry."  I come in at 8:20am & the first thing I do is check the temp. & humidity %.  Is that cray-cray?

PROBS - but oh well!

My afore mentioned Uncle Perry aka "The Birdman" is scheduled to be a guest speaker too, in May!  He's taking time off work to come in, teach my kiddos about homing/racing pigeons, and do some fun activities with them.  I will post again about his presentation, but I am LOOKING FORWARD TO IT IMMENSELY!

Hope you are having as wonderful a spring as we are,

Miss Kristan King

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