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Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainforest, Snow, & Ants

So, we've been learning about the topic that I haven't taught in awhile (use to teach it in 1st, when we took 4th quarter & learned habitats).  We were filling our Kinders - giving those littles some background knowledge for this:

So we had a week of lessons & then Ol' Man Winter paid CO a visit...and boy did he come big!  So, we had a snow day & on the day of our field trip.  My phone & emails were pinging like crazy @ 6am!!

Have you ever rescheduled a field trip?  We haven't...until Friday arrived (and I must admit we panicked a little, I was A LOT to coordinate the 1st time!).

But our district transportation department was so willing to make it work & the theater...BLESS the good Suzanne at Cinemark Theater - I mean she helped us come up with plans A, B, J, R, etc.  We got it all worked out & so tomorrow (although not a Fri. or ideal mid-week) we're headed to the movies, with 150 Kinders & chaperones.  No popcorn though...kinda sad about this!

Oh, and the ants...well we found a recipe for the ant gel & a new company this year to send LIVE ants {last year we were mailed dead ants & the company refused to replace them!}.  Because the rainforest is dependent on decomposers - thanks to ants & beetles who keep that forest floor neat and not full of debris!

This ant farm is fascinating to me....I watch it obsessively, *just like my Kinders*:

Happy Monday,

Miss Kristan King

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