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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do You Booster?

Today we had our 1st Boosterthon Fun Run - and it was F.U.N.!!!

The Kinders have been earning pledges for new technology.  Each morning we've attended a 15 minute assembly with the other Kindergarten classes - each day they do a combination of warm-up drills & character education, to promote community & pledging for our upcoming race.

It was a huge community event - parents were cheering their children on as they ran 35+ laps around the "modified" track.

Here's a few photos of our F.U.N.:

It was loud, it was crazy (marking 35 laps, per child, every 1-3 min.), it was frenzied, BUT it was memorable & the kids had a BLAST!!  I know it will raise lots of funds for our school, good times & good cause (something to consider for fundraising).

Thanks #Boosterthon - especially Turbo Taylor & Cowgirl Kaylee!!

Miss Kristan King

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