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Monday, March 9, 2015

We're Getting Married...




Married, GEESH!

The kiddos get so confused about q & u's wedding...until they realize the spelling rule.  It's so much fun (shh, my teammate may have even had wedding cake at 9:00am, #sojealous).

We started off with the ceremony - rings were exchanged (plastic) & kisses were given (chocolate).  Then we had a qu word scavenger hunt, where the kiddos found 5 words with /kw/ spelled qu, wrote them down, & then decorated queen q/quarterback u.

During stations/centers the students completed a /kw/ vs. /k/ sort, matching words to pictures and sorting sounds.

It was a great day for a wedding:

I love this day & unit...the kids loved the "Q & U Wedding Song,"

Miss Kristan King

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