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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Questionnaire Linky

So here are my responses to Michelle's linky:

1. When do you decorate?

Just after Thanksgiving - this year my nephew was born so we were in AZ for Thanksgiving.  I came home and it was rush, rush, rush for I just got everything up 12/13.  So sad...

2. Elf or No Elf?

I am an elf-er!  Every year we "start over" & the kids rename our elf...this year it's Jingles -

I bought one for my nephew {accidentally bought the med. skin toned one, who knew they had different ethnicities?!?!?!  My brother mocked me for buying a Mexican elf & since my nephew is 1/2 Thai, I just replied "He's Thai!"...chalk one up to me, everyone laughed.  My nephew named him George & my brother - just to get a dig in calls him Jorge!}.

I also bought one for my niece, her name is Sophia.  My mom sewed her a skirt & we're all elf-ers, see how she brought reindeer pancakes:

3. Christmas Cookies or No Baking for You?

I'm a long as I have company.  This year we made 3 batches of fudge: 1 for my Secret Santa, 1 for my 2 friend ornament exchange, & 1 for my brother - fudge is his LOVE LANGUAGE... for real!

4. Favorite Holiday Tradition?

Well, I have always loved driving around & seeing the lights.  I also love listening to Christmas carols & singing them in church weekly.  

However, my favorite is a recent dad, who isn't big into "hauling out the holly" or decorating the tree has started to get into buying ornaments!

It is a tradition {from my 2 aunts} to get ornaments each year - I have quite a collection from both of my mom & her 2 sisters.  Well, my sis & I kept it up the tradition!  I love giving that 'just right' ornament - my brother has a glass blown, black "Chuck Taylor" {that year everyone got glass blown ones}.  It's been fun shopping with my dad & getting our ornaments together, plus there's just something special about having this 1-on-1 time with my dad.  We love getting together & spending time with each other this way...sometimes it's antiquing, other times it's Costco trips.  Recently, it's been ornament shopping & now it's my favorite tradition.

5. Favorite Christmas Movie?

I like The HolidayChristmas Vacation {my mom DETESTS this movie!}...but my favorite is a toss up between It's a Wonderful Life & White Christmas!

Sad to say it took me until I was 30+ to see It's a Wonderful Life #shameful!  So glad I did though, what a gem it is.

6. Snow or No Snow?

Well, I'm used to AZ & although infrequent, we lived near the Huachuca Mountains, which did get snow...we'd drive up to it & play for a few hrs. & then go to friends' houses to drink cocoa/watch Christmas movies!

I like snow in Dec.  After living in CO, it's snow in April, May, & June that is the pits!  Also, I like going to it & not having to drive in it.  I can't wait to move back to AZ & drive up to my parents house, to enjoy the snow for a brief period/weekend!

7. Favorite Christmas Song?

Well, this is tough..."It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" or "Hallelujah Chorus" are 2 of my favorites.  My good friend Clare has a great free devotional, I encourage you to look it up, & enjoy her studies/questions into many of our beloved Christmas carols.  I'm loving it!

I love "The First Noel/Mary Mary" by Sarah McLachlan.  I've been kinda bummed about the lack of hymns/carols sung & heard.  Am I alone in this??

8. Favorite Gifts to Give & Get?

So, I have come to realize I love to give & could care less what I get!  I really would like a trip or tickets - presents with time/people attached, kind of like saying "Spend time with me...I know we'd love this ________, together!"

My mom & dad have EARLY Jan. birthdays...hard to get them something for Christmas & then might as well get 2 things for each because they're basically back-to-back!

This year I saw Mary Poppins was coming to Colorado Springs, so I asked my mom to go.  We're attending on Friday & she said, "I'm so excited!  I think this is the best birthday present you've given me!"  Melted my heart, really, I was just beaming - now that is a *good* gift.

So now I'm thinking this is what I want to keep doing, quality time gifts!  I know I'd love a mani/pedi with my sis - time together, doing what we love = win/win!

My brother loved when we all went up to A.Basin & skied last year.  

I'm sure I should make these types of gifts happen more frequently!

So link up & share your responses!

Merry Christmas,

Miss Kristan King

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