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Friday, November 7, 2014

5 for Friday {A GREAT Week}

We've been learning about owls & nocturnal/diurnal animals this week - here are some of the Kinders working with their 5th grade buddies, perusing owl pellets:

I have a great tradition in my room, for a "no food birthday policy" that my school has adopted.  Quite frankly, we've policed the healthy stuff so much that it was becoming a BIG problem.  This year my school said ENOUGH & the staff now has to enforce no food birthdays.  My principal emailed a huge list of what to give instead of food & parents are cooperating.  
I do a "Birthday Book" - it is a great way to get book donations for your classroom & kids love reading the books during independent reading time.  This week, 11/6 we celebrated 2 birthdays {mine & a student's).  He brought How to Train Your Dragon 2 Level 2, I can read books.  I brought: 

S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y. - best read aloud all year!  The kids were hysterical over "Boo Boo BUTT" - so of course I read it TWICE!!!  {I'm just as bad as them, I swear!}

About 2 months ago I met with my admin & math coach - my team has been desperate for something in math.  Nothing we tried for CCSS was working - our old program was pretty much banned - that's okay because we never used it.

We've tried GA Units, which were great for games but the students didn't bring home work samples & let's be real 4-6 step directions does NOT = rigor!

We were told to try Engage NY units, ummm....these are HUGE packets of 300+ pages & very worksheet heavy.  So, we asked to try some units "a little birdie told me about" {AKA my sister, who teaches 1st grade in AZ}.  We have been using:

Can I just say Oh.M.Geeeee!!  This is the best unit & my kids are well into Unit 2 - it is THE.BEST.WAY. to teach math, ever.  Period. The End.  GET IT - it will not disappoint.

On Thursday I went out with 2 pals for a monthly get together - it was also my birthday!  We ate @ P.F. Changs {love those lettuce wraps}.  I went home and ordered myself a birthday present:

But, the best part of 11/6 was hearing that my sis' water broke - my nephew was gonna share a birthday with me {#bestauntiepresentever}, but it didn't happen.  *Bummer!*  So we're a day apart - Lucas arrived on 11/7 at 12:15pm, weighing 6lbs. 8oz. & 19 3/4 in.

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Nothing can top this - BEST.WEEK.EVER!

Miss Kristan King

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