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Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Currently

Been a few months since I participated & I'm excited to be back!  Thanks Farley for the great linky:

Listening & Loving: I loved church today!  It was a great message on sorrow & it just reminded me that we don't know the burdens everyone carries - tread lightly.  I think we can all get bogged down in the "stuff we face" but it is nice to be reminded we all carry something, are about to face something, or are just getting over something...such is life.

So, my music choice today has been inspirational - Somewhere Down the Road was an unknown Amy Grant album to me.  Then, I heard "Better Than a Hallelujah" & I just had to have it!!  Love that song.

Thinking: my mom was sick today - so the usual routine of catching up at Mom & Dad's was cut short today.  I went there, hung out for an hr. or so & then ran some errands.  I got home & ate some leftovers for dinner...then was bored so I checked the movie schedule, was just in time to see "The Best of Me" & it did not disappoint (but it is Nicholas Sparks, so you will cry)!

Wanting: Thursday is my birthday & I'm spending it with 2 great friends at P.F. Changs - so excited.  Then I will have a family party/dinner on Sun. with my parents, brother, & nephew (who loves birthdays...such a fun way to include the littles).  I'll probably have my sis & her fam on Skype, so Addi can sing too - I love how excited my nephew/niece get over singing "Happy Birthday."

Needing: To get my craft on!  I bought all the supplies & just need to get my book wreath & admit one ticket holder done...procrastination is my middle name.

Reading: 2 books, The Book Whisperer & Igniting a Passion for Reading, for a book study I'm doing with some former teammates - so excited to see them & reconnect!  So far the professional books are very interesting (this week I'm giving my Kinders an inventory as suggested Ch. 1 & 2, in BOTH of these texts...let's see how it goes).

Happy November,

Miss Kristan King


  1. I found you through Farley's Link Up. I look forward to this link up each month. I connected with your message you got from church today. My family was dealt with some blows this past week and it's been difficult, but we're pushing through. It's never easy, but it gets better with time.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday and I hope your mom feels better.

    Kindergarten To The Core

    1. Thanks for stopping by & your kind words! Hope you have a blessed week too.

  2. I love a good sermon! I want to know more about this book wreath!

    1. From Pinterest...I swear that site will be the death of me. I will post a pic once it's all done - cross your fingers it's not a "FAIL!"