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Friday, March 7, 2014

Goin' to the Chapel

So Q & U tied the knot this week.  It was fun to see the children all dressed up:

We began with the ceremony {where rings were exchanged, boys got smiley faced ones & girls got blinged out ones} - we listed to "The Q & U Wedding Song," then wrote the room, did a /k/ vs. /kw/ sort, & ended with a Wedding sight word reader (there).

Do you have some go to packets in TpT for making phonics & letters/letter-sounds fun?

Here are a few *I LOVE*:
  1. Meet the Bossy R Triplets
  2. Learning "ar" with Pirate Mark
  3. Clowning Around (with /ou/ & /ow/)
  4. The Exquisite Wedding of Q and U
Enjoying the weeks 'til Spring Break,

Miss Kristan King

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