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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hooray! The 100th Day is OVER!

Well, today was ROUGH.

Not sure what happened...full moon, Valentine's Day on 2/13 {because my Zone OBVIOUSLY doesn't understand that 2/14 is a big deal to kids}, Coordinated School Heathy Spirit/Dress-Up Week, rotating through 5 different Kinder rooms with 100s Day activities, too much ear wax,...

Whatever the reason, I trudged through (yesterday was bad too!  Drawing.Wasn't.Therapy.This.Week) repeating myself a ZILLION times is draining! AND - I've had 5-7 absent ALL WEEK!

As you can tell, it has been c-to.the.-RAZY!

Well I managed to snap a few shots of our 100s Day projects - many other teachers have students make T-shirts...I say make a collection.  I tell parents to be creative & help the students display their collections however they want!  I just ask that the students present & EXPLAIN how they counted the 100 objects (groups of 2, groups of 5, etc.).

100 pennies

100 animals - he told us the 7 continents & which animals belonged where!

100 beaded neclace

100 popsicle sticks - on a pompom sheep farm (one of the BEST I've ever had)!

100 cherios

100 M & Ms in a 100 pattern

Another 100 beaded necklace, this one didn't last all day!

100 toy pieces

100 stickers

97 heads & 3 tails = 100 pennies, another 1st that's pretty creative/cute!

100 eyeball t-shirt...check out the zip tie antennae!

100 eyeball monster

100 glitter button picture

Let's hope a Th. Valentine's Day works out a little better tomorrow?  Here's hoping,

Miss Kristan King

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