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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Project 64

So, I just worked 11 straight days - 2, 5 day weeks & 9-5 over the weekend.

WHY - You ask?

Drawing Children Into Reading - Project 64.  What is that?  Well, follow the link and see for yourself the awesomeness that is Wendy Anderson Halperin.  This drawing program is transforming pencil grips & fine motor with my Kindergarteners, in only 2 lessons - I SWEAR!!

I don't know about you, but it seems that Kindergarteners are entering school with less skills than ever, a large portion of them in fine motor.  In my district, OT is considered an "auxiliary service" so students need to have an IEP in order to be pulled for any OT services.  Last year my teammate had a student who had never held scissors, a crayon, or even a pencil (TRAGIC) - academically he was fine but his handwriting was literally chicken scratch!  The problem is prevalent in all grades, and it isn't being resolved with OT services or in handwriting programs/curriculum my district has adopted.

What to do?  Well, blog of course!  I found images of some Kindergarten dogs on a blog (can't find it now).  I thought, "There is NO way those were Kindergarten drawings."  Then as I did further research, I saw that Wendy said lessons were weekly, for 70+ min.  "Uh, 70 min. of sustained instruction on drawing?  With 5-6 yr. olds?  REALLY?"  I was intrigued!!

So, over my 2 week Fall Break I contacted Wendy directly to get more information.  Well, you know the term snowball effect?  Yeah, that happened with my team, school, and DISTRICT!

Wendy just completed a 7 day training, here in CO, where she taught my Kinder teamies the project, gave 2 90 min. sessions to both our 1st & 2nd grade teams, & modeled lessons in each of our Kinder classrooms!  Pre-K jumped on board too & are now trained in Project 50 - it was a jam packed week. Well here are a few pics of my drawings & how our first lessons in Kindergarten are going:

A mini quilt I designed & colored.

A quilt pattern I designed for Wendy's Quilt Book.

A ballerina I drew.

Love this girl with pig tails, I drew her too.

Wendy gave me a lesson on how draw a schooner & color a sunset!

MaryBeth's ladybugs - drew them because we're discussing hibernation this week.

Julie's flowers - Project 64 Lesson #2.

More of Julie's flowers...they only used yellow & blue to make the green leaves & stems!
And today, I had my students re-do Lesson #1.  Wendy suggested I just start from the beginning...can I just say it's like drawing therapy - 1 hr. of silence & listening & calm & peace & AH-MAH-ZING!! I love it & obviously so do my kiddos:

Set of 4 student samples

More, more student samples

And another 4 student samples

4 more student samples

4 student samples cont.

My sample
My kids are so excited when I tell them to "Bring their THUMBS to school!"  Thanks Wendy,

Miss Kristan King

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