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Friday, January 31, 2014

Super Bowl

So, I don't watch football.  I know, judge me...(never have & at 33, probably don't have much hope for me getting into the sport).

I live in CO - they're a bit BRONCO obsessed at. this. time!  P.S. NOT ME!!

So today was "Wear Orange" day, so I did.  My teammate wanted to make a Super Bowl graph, so I did:

I told the kids I wanted "To make their Dads (and MINE) proud" - I think I succeeded!!  18 Broncos, 2 Seahawks...hmm, told ya' we're BRONCO obsessed!
Here's to hoping Denver Broncos get the win (but I won't know, because I usually sew with my mom during the Super BORES me, YES even the commercials)!

Look at the cute tea coaster she made for Wendy (Drawing Children Into Reading - Project 64):

A perfect "Super Bowl" sewing project!
Hope you enjoy your football,

Miss Kristan King

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