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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Good Evening Folks, I'm Johnny Cash"

So I was so excited...I introduced a fun game I like to play from time-to-time in math for number recognition - Walking the Line.  I told the kids as I was passing out number lines, we were going to walk the line & asked {not thinking anyone would know...} what singer loves to walk the line?

One of my littles shouts out - "That's easy, Miss King...Johnny Cash!"

O-M-G!!  I was like I love you Brodie!!  And I do, she is just a gem of a girl & her connections are just very mature, as I just demonstrated.

So, we played Kim Sutton's Random Number CD & we enjoyed the music, while sliding across numbers on the number line 0-20.  Kim loves to point out that the CD is amazing & she's right...the kids don't ask you "What?" or to "repeat," because it's on CD!  I *swear* it's MAGIC!!

Here are some pics:

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