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Thursday, August 29, 2013

"I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts..."

We're concluding this week with some Chicka Chicka Boom Boom FUN.  This is the first time I did this mini-unit & the kids are diggin' it!

We read the story & my fabulous teammate loaned me her retelling palm tree {from Lakeshore} so the kids could velcro the letters to the palm tree.  Then, we listened to the book/song on DVD.  That was all we had time for this morning.

After math, we used some time to do some science - exploring a coconut via our 5 senses.  I made this anchor chart {inspired from Mrs. Lee}:

Here are some pics of the Kinders touching & listening to the coconut:

Finally, we ended the fun with a coconut tasting.  We ate coconut shavings & drank some coconut milk - we graphed our results:

Tomorrow we're using 2 coconuts for a sink/float experiment & bowling for letters.  I looked for Alphabets cereal - wanted to have a fun snack, but couldn't find 'em.  To end the day we're making Chicka Chicka hats, using green paper, sentence strips. & gluing dye cut letters to spell their name.

In other news, I have a parent volunteer EVERY am/pm of the week - I'm so EXCITED!  I also have a practicum student this year, observing - seeing if education is his future career choice.  The kids were very sweet & was fun to see them respond so positively to another adult.

Happy Friday & long weekend {Labor Day Monday},

Miss Kristan King

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