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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day 3 - Staying Organized

Since Blog Hoppin' asked...Here's how I attempt organization in Room #3:

So I am functionally organized - I try to put things away, but I do create piles {and have been know to toss said piles into a "closet-of-shame"}.  However, my room is used & I do have systems to manage the data & paperwork that can pile up on us!

Here are a few photos:

I use checklists & class lists for EVERYTHING - I make 25 of each & keep them in my master assessment binder & on clipboards around the room.  These serve as my progress report & report card trackers too - they're great for parent volunteers as well!

These two above are how I organize my writing groups - I keep journals in the baskets & the apple pocket chart shows the children which colored group they're in.

My math table tubs are organized on these 3 shelves - the tubs were from the Dollar Tree & are easily carried from table to table.

My listening center - I used my crate seats as storage for the books on CD.  The added storage serves as a 3rd seat.  I'm hoping to get a grant this year from my district & upload my CDs to an iPod & create a digital listening center.

This poster will help me keep track of some yearly achievements & Kindergarten Goals {my teammate came up with this & I copied her}!  We have quarterly assemblies & I want to keep track of students & award them on their achievements!  They will add a sticker to the chart {Wizard of Oz characters, made with my sticker machine!} with their name on it, once that goal is obtained.

I use calendars to plan quarterly - kept in my master binder.  These calendars are shared with SpEd, ELD, Enrichment, & other itinerant staff {speech, OT, PT, DHH}.  These calendars are created with my team monthly & include: weekly themes, weekly letter focus, math skills, & Treasure's units being taught.  It is a great way to long-term plan because everyone working with my kiddos knows our targets & skills for the quarter, broken down weekly!

My reading & writing assessment binders - store benchmark data, guided reading running records, writing progress monitoring, & differentiated writing group data.

My bathroom passes - I clip the giant clothespin on the said boy/girl & take it off when they return.  EVERYONE at my school needs a pass to leave the room without the teacher.  The clip is easy for me & sanitary because I'm the only one that touches them!

I label EVERYTHING!  I'm addicted to Avery Labels 2" x 4" {code: 8163} and use this to identify: cubbies, hooks, various journals, create name tags, computer code log-ins, etc.  I would be lost without labels.  Some years I use 2 pages per kiddo, other years I make a class set of writing, math, etc.  Make labels - saves you from writing it a bazillion times!

Happy Organizing,

Miss Kristan King


  1. I love labels too! Especially the Avery ones you mentioned. Last year I got smart and started buying the large box of them instead of the envelopes. They go fast!

    You have a great blog!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Meredith...I will have to look for the "large box" instead too. I just put labels on my Back to School list for buying every year, along with Flair pens & Mr. Sketch markers...I have to limit my trips to Office Max/Office Depot/Staples. I'm addicted to office supplies!