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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sight Words with Heidi

Have you heard about HeidiSongs?

Well check her site out - I've loved EVERY purchase I've made!! {Her 1st grade Phonics was LOVED by my firsties a year ago - can't wait to pull it out for my Kinders in 4th quarter for sh, th, ch, & other digraphs!} 

We have a GENEROUS PTA at my school - they give us a $100 each year to spend, so I purchased Heidi's Kindergarten Starter kit.  It came with number recognition, math, sight word, & alphabet DVDs.  It also came with CD-roms of ideas, lessons, & worksheets for suggested practice.

Can I just say how much my kids love them?  Check out these cutie pies:

Really, go check the links & your kids will thank me later {I SWEAR}!!

Happy singing & dancing,

Miss Kristan King

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