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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The IT Guy Lies!

Umm, I have been to countless trainings involving "technology."

In fact, technology trainings are my LEAST FAVORITE!  Mostly because they cram 40 people, at various skill levels of technology, into a room with limited WiFi and then ask us to update, look up, and find sites...then we can't because "the server is jammed." DUH - that is because you can't have that many people on WiFi in one given area & not crash something.  HEY Genius, I KNOW THAT & I don't have an IT degree!

Or, they ask you to update & have log-ins ready prior to the meeting...then, they give us the info. 20 mins. before the meeting starts or the log-ins aren't given at all!  I get it, we're teachers {we're busy}.  So we come to the meeting thinking "I'll have time to do my homework there, before the class starts!"  But, we don't and then YUP, you guessed it, the server is jammed because we're all trying to create our accounts in the first 5 mins. of the training - they NEVER start on time, so we all think we can squeeze it in before the speaker gets started.

*Rewind to 4:00, 15 mins. into our Thursday staff meeting!*

So all of this happened in our Safari Montage training.  I managed to update my Java & still log in, but it was touch and go for awhile!

Then, we were PROMISED that Safari Montage wouldn't do that annoying 'buffering' thing that YouTube does!  Guess what?  THE IT GUY LIES - Safari Montage DOES SO buffer, just as annoyingly as other streaming resources!!  UGH!  So basically I spent 1 hr. & 1/2 learning a NEW & IMPROVED technology resource that works almost identical to YouTube & can't be counted on to be consistent or reliable when streaming videos.

So, I will still save all my videos as .mov via Quicktime.  Do you know how to do this?  Just copy/paste the URL from the site {YouTube for example} into & select .mov from the save as option.  The website does the work for you & now it's saved in your files, for future reference!

I am able to play these directly from my Mac to my flat screen TV, via an Apple adaptor & HDMI cable.  I can also use Airplay via my Apple TV too - which is a great resource for using apps like Skitch, Doceri, & Evernote & projecting them from my iPad to my TV.

Good luck!

Miss Kristan King


  1. LOL! We must have the same PDs. Can't ever get anything done at them and you come out of them more frustrated than before they started. You are not alone!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  2. This sounds all too familiar! We have Safari and it does an okay job for me. We use PCs though. I am envious of your Apple technology. On the bright side, it sounds like you don't really need any technology training! You said three or four things that I will now have to google! Maybe you could grade papers instead next time, or better yet, lead a worthwhile training;)

    My Teacher Friend