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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wants & Needs Techy Santa

So, gone are the days for just doing craftivities in my school/zone/district - I can pull arts & crafts off, they just have to be connected to a standard.

Well saw the C.U.T.E.S.T. craftivity for letter writing - Techy Santas.  Reagan did such a great job; however, letter writing isn't a Kindergarten standard, UGH!

Then, as my team and I were pondering our report card & Middle of the Year assessments, we talked about grading Economics in Social Studies.  Wants & needs are the extent of Kindergarten Economics, but Christmas is an ideal time to discuss this - we all agreed to cover the topic before the end of 2nd semester.

AN IDEA FELL FROM TpT HEAVEN, in the form of Reagan's I purchased the unit & modified it a little {hope you don't mind Reagan}.  Instead of iSanta Apps, I changed the page to be iWant Apps/iNeed Apps.

So today I sat my Kinders down at carpet & we discussed wants & needs - I made this cheesy anchor chart to sort the items discussed:

Next, I passed out magazines and had the kiddos sort pictures into iWant Apps vs. iNeed Apps - they glued the pics, here's a sample:

Here's my version of Reagan's Tech the Halls bulletin board:

SO worth the minor adjustments & $3!!

Wouldn't you like to Tech the Halls?

Miss Kristan King


  1. These are so cute! What a fun idea! I love "tech the halls."

    Using My Teacher Voice

    1. Thank you Sarah!

      Merry Christmas - I hope your last few weeks go by quickly, my kiddos are C-to the-RAZY!!

  2. I love your blog! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Come check it out!

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    1. Thanks - here's my post: