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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Back in the Day

So, Second Grade Sparkle is having a linky & I'm gettin' into the hang of linkin' up, so I thought I'd try another - here goes...

I teach Kinder & have fallen in L.O.V.E.!  I mean I loved 1st, but I'm really diggin' K!  Here's me when I was 4 {my birthday is in Nov. & I was allowed to start early on a "trial" basis - I cut the mustard so I stayed & was promoted 1 yr. early in every grade, graduated @ 17!}.

In Kindergarten & through 1/2 of 1st, I attended a DoD school in Germany, where my dad was stationed for 6 yrs. {I was born there}.

I have TONS of memories of Europe, like building snowmen in the Swiss Alps, going on volksmarches, & shopping in the Steiff store.  Below is one of my favorite photos, I was in K & we were in Heidelberg Castle {as in where Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis & thus began the Lutheran Church}.

I'm the cute one in the blue hood, on the right - the other 2 cuties are my sis & brother!
And here's what I look like now {well, this was in Aug. on the first day of school - this pic is now plastered on the wall in the cafeteria, after it was on a my Kindies know where to line-up and which table to eat at}, sadly...NOT CUTE!

How did you look, back in the day?  Link up!

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