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Friday, November 30, 2012

What's Cookin' in Kindergarten?

Stone Soup!

Today, we completed our Food fell nicely with the end of Thanksgiving & pre-December hullabaloo...

You know, no need to bring on the Christmas Craze EARLY!  I love the season, I mean I was listening to Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving, had my tree up by Friday, & house decorated by Tuesday.  I get it, but with the little ones it is nice to enjoy the...

calm before the STORM!!

All week we read stories about food {Farmer Annie's Apples, Sweet Potato Pie, Yoko, & Stone Soup} So today we culminated our food unit with crock pot stone soup.  The kids loved it {most of them} and only a little was tossed/remained in the pot.

Check it out:

A great day & an excellent folk tale about the power of sharing!

Miss King :0)

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