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Thursday, November 29, 2012

3-D Solids

How do you teach 3-D solids?

Well, this week I started by making an anchor chart for each of the solids my Kinders need to know (sphere, rectangular prism, cone, cube, cylinder, & pyramid).  On the chart I drew the 3-D solid, together the kids and I listed its attributes (using math language: edges, vertex/vertices, faces, & base), & then we brainstormed real objects that we found to represent that solid.

Then, I made 3-D solid books using these freebies from  The students were required to copy ALL of the attributes from my large anchor charts into their book...then they drew 1 of the objects & labeled it.

One day we played Roll, Stack, & Slide - the students learned that solids with a circular base will roll, solids with triangular, square, & rectangular bases will stack & slide, & some solids with vertices/circular bases will stack/slide depending on their placement - it was a great Math Talk!

Finally, we used mini marshmallows & toothpicks to make as many 3-D solids as we could.  It was great to walk the room & see students using math language to explain vertices, edges, and referring to solids CORRECTLY, not as shapes (circles, triangles, etc.).

Here are some of their marshmallow 'n' toothpick solids:

YAY Kindergarten!  I'm so proud - this building activity cemented these concepts & vocabulary...CCSS 3-D solids mastered!

Miss King :0)

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