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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sunny Days Sweepin' the Clouds Away!

We all know that B2S can be a challenge, to say the least!

This year I was so excited for: new teamies, new grade-level, new technology (lovin' my Mac & iPad), & just a new bunch of kiddos to get to know and learn from.

I loved my firsties last year!  I have really loved all my classes {a PTA mom noticed & commented this to me, "You are so funny - you loved your class last year to pieces too...hmm, must be the teacher because they'll do anything for you & I've seen it in action 2 years now!"}

Okay...I about died, after turning 7 shades of red.  This post isn't about me, really!!  It's just to say that we all need a little love now & then.

The start of my year has been hectic & I do have my share of for the last 5 days - really!!  Like 7 parent e-mails bad, 2 parent meetings with the principal, & conferences are 3 weeks away {UGH!}.  I was beginning to reconsider my choice to move grade-levels & thinking, "Man, maybe I'm not cut out for this profession, in my 8 years it hasn't been like this!"

BUT, oh loving the but here...I just {literally, 3 mins. ago} opened the dreaded work e-mail, which I have recently begun to HATE, & found - wait for it - ...

2 - as in TWO glowing e-mails from 2 DIFFERENT parents!!  Yay, all it took for me to stop the dreaded thoughts & get back on track.  I love my job & I love my class!  I can't do anything else & I wouldn't want to.

God knows - He knew that I was on the edge & prompted those 2 parents to e-mail me.  He's so GOOD!  I even got a photo, a mom sent me an encouraging e-photo message about patterns, because her son couldn't "WAIT" to show Ms. King!

Man, I'm going to bed with the B.E.S.T. smile on my face.  I may not be the best in my profession, but I make a difference, a parent told me so.

BTW, parents - don't hesitate to pay it forward, positive affirmations mean a whole lot more to me than any present or gift.  I'll end with another...

One of my hardest students had a dad that didn't always agree with my decisions.  He was vocal about it too!  On the last day of school, I had a good-bye breakfast - he walked up to me {I had a spatula in hand, flipping pancakes on a skillet} & asked to speak to me.  I was a tad afraid, doing a mental scan of anything that could've said/done to set him (or his son) off with only hours left in our educational journey together.  I went into the hallway & he looked me in the eye and said, "Thanks, it wasn't easy - I know.  You did a heck of a job this year & you have my respect."  I swear I lost my ability to breathe...he proceeded to shake my hand and give me a HUG!  Oh. My. Word. to this day, that validation brings a smile to my face.

If you haven't in awhile...THANK A TEACHER, it matters {I'm proof}!!

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