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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Watermelon/Field Day FUN!

I saw Jen's packet at First Grade Blue Skies on Watermelons & had an epiphany - "Why don't I have a watermelon day?"

And, since our field day is in the afternoon...why not have all the festivities on the same day mid-morning watermelon, picnic lunch, & then CRAZY field day.

It was a BLAST!!!  My kiddos loved the packet, thanks Jen!  Only one tiny problem....finding seeded watermelon in May is IMPOSSIBLE...not sure if it's because they're out of season this time of year in CO or if we've genetically altered the fruit in 2012 to be seedless?!?!?! 

I had a few dilligent moms calling every farmers market, organic food store, & grocery manager in the Rocky Mountain area....then one mom just called me.  She's such a G.E.M. I explained that I would just run to the store and buy seeds from the seed section, she did it for me (she made sure they were organic - LOL!!!)

Here's some pics from our festivities...

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