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Friday, January 27, 2012

ROARING in the Chinese New Year!

Check out these dragons...

It's the year of the dragon.  My dragon's face is half yellow.  My dragon has sharp shiny white teeth.  My dragon has a yellow nose.  My dragon's eyes are as flaming as fire.

My dragon really looks like a ninja.  His teeth were so sharp when I see them it freaks frecse me out.  My dragon has a nose, the nose is called nostrils.  She has a mask.  The mask is dark red.

My dragon's head is all light orange.  It has white as snow teeth.  My dragon head has pointy green scales.  It has very small blue eyes.  My dragon head has very sparkly eyelashes.

My dragon has a cool mask over his eyes.  My dragon has sparkling scales on his nose.  My dragon has shiny fangs.
Umm, can we say A-to the-WESOME personal descriptions 1st graders? Shine your halos & pat yourselves on the back!!!!!

I was totally awed by their ability to use noun modifiers - well, I've only been hammering it home for 4 months now!  They are making such progress 4-6 sentences (average) for personal descriptions.  Our emphasis will continue to be noun modifiers & writing so a reader can have a mental image of what you are describing.

Thanks to Jenn - First Grade Blue Skies for the packet, as always...stop by TpT for your very own (it was BEYOND worth it).  And, she has some fun {FREE} graphing activities, go check out her blog & snatch 'em up!

For science we did a penny rub need 1 penny per kiddo (the dirtier the better).  Then, make 3 mixtures: salt water, vinegar only, & salt and vinegar together.  Have the kiddos predict which will wash the penny clean.  Do the experiment - YES, this takes some (but not a TON) of elbow grease!  Then wrap up those shiny pennys in red envelopes & viola - Chinese New Year science!

I'll ROAR at you later with a fun multicultural compare/contrast lesson,


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  1. Cute! I am going to have to pick your brain about writing- we have not really attempted that as much as I should have!