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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bad Teacher!

So I love Christmas - every year I do a super cool sewing project with my kiddos.  Well, it just didn't happen this year {HORRIBLE - I know, it's my first year not doing it & I'm full of guilt}. 

Well, it started just before Thanksgiving - JURY DUTY!  Which, kept me away from my firsties for 7 school days - it was hard, I mean I couldn't even attend our buddy Thanksgiving breakfast.  Thank you Kyla, my ex-teammate, but planner EXTRAORDINAIRE who wrangled all the parent volunteers in her 5th grade & for MY 1st graders!  She managed the whole thing without me, I was just super sad about missing it.

Well, we {in 1st grade} had to regroup EXTENSIVELY when I returned, because my sub was literally C- to the RAH-ZY!!!  After a week of "Miss King doesn't allow that" or "Those choices get us timeouts" & quite a few tears {YEAH, like that's gonna work!} we are back to my loving, sweet, STRUCTURED classroom!!  Where, btw, we don't pee on walls, spin on step stools, and draw on the whiteboard as a station!!!

All this info. to say that we didn't get to make our banners this year because I was just BEHIND.  I had to spend so much time getting back on track, testing kiddos, & then...a filling fell out!  I know...just what I needed.  So on Tues. I had to take a 1/2 day to get to the dentist, PRONTO - without that morning I knew, the banners weren't happening this year.  I could feel the stress raising my blood pressure so  I decided, instead of forcing a 2 day project into 1 1/2 I would save myself a trip on the crazy train {& my kids LOTS of tears} and we'd do a fun snowman project/gift in Jan.

I shouldn't feel guilty, right?!?!  I mean I did do Grinch Day, St. Nicholas Day, Polar Express, & Gingerbread Day {all in December-each day having some sort of treat or special craft}.  Sorry parents, but in case you need a parent gift here goes....

They aren't easy or quick - but they're super cute.  This is the one I made in 1st grade, my mom added the hanger & ribbon, so I do to {when I make them!!}  The kids sew on burlap with yarn - I use die cuts to help them follow around the pattern, some kids make snowmen, trees, snowflakes, penguins, reindeer, mittens - pretty much anything goes!

Happy parent-gift crafting!

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