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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back in the Saddle - AZ Style!

So, here I blog...from sunny Phoenix, AZ!

I moved.  Back home...sort of, but definitely closer to family!

I'm going to walk you through my room (before & after), so you can get a feel for the space I'll be sharing with 23 of my Kinders 2015-16.  I kept the Wizard of Oz theme, I love it and it allowed me to focus on putting up the essentials:

Back door, bathroom, & Math Focus Wall

Classroom Library...

writing center & student work bulletin board

 Cabinets, cupboards, & sink

Connecting door to my Kinder teamie, front windows, & door

Front white board & tables

Teacher desk & left counter

Reading Table

Right counter, desktop, carpet, document camera, & Reading Focus Wall

Back to where we started, but so excited for my SMART board!

After 2 weeks of New Teacher Orientation & 1 week of B2S meetings at my school, I was EXCITED to get started with kiddos!  I am most excited for how organized my room is "behind the scenes" - as moving will do that (force you to keep things that matter & toss all that you haven't used).  My files are so neat & tidy, as are my cupboards & cabinets.  I will need to tackle center/station organization, but I'm not ready to jump into that just yet!

Here's to a great year,

Miss Kristan King

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