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Friday, November 15, 2013

Classroom Success

It is quite possibly the little things that make me LOVE my job - just when I'm too stressed, about to burst into tears, & have to tackle another lake of white glue that is plastered on a table...

a note arrives, or a thank you is passed over the fence at dismissal!  These are God things, too perfectly timed to be "coincidental!"

Recently, a student from my 1st year friended me on Facebook...she wrote me the nicest little message & both her parents responded in kind.  They are a great family & I am so glad to be even a little bit connected to this girl, even as she continues to bloom into an amazing young lady!  She said I started her love for reading...before 1st grade she hated books.  She wrote & said, "Miss King when you read A Tale of Desperaux, I fell in love with that book and so many more.  You started that!"  So, excited to be a small part of her life long reading journey!

At church a parent of a girl I taught 2 summers ago in Pre-K VBS said, "Man, I love your blog posts...I don't comment, but it looks like you have TONS of fun.  It's obvious you love your job!"  Yep, is all I can say.  I do.  Most days it's the best job EVER!!  I get to dress-up in costumes & have fun days, I get to make applesauce, float coconuts, bake bread, & gobble through the hallway at response is always:

shouldn't Kindergarten be FUN?!

Thank goodness I have a principal who thinks so...because having fun is what we're good at {even on the craziest of days} it's the BEST JOB!

I agree with Jodi - keep a file of those cards & remind you on the tearful days, the trainings that didn't teach you anything days, the I'm on a billion committees days, the it's Friday night and I'm leaving school at 7pm days, the district/state said we have to do WHAT days, etc.  You know them - the tough ones!  Just pull out that file & let the love take you away {Calgon-style}.

Happy Weekend,

Miss Kristan King

P.S. Along with a full moon tomorrow & crazy behavior = 1 office referral, I managed to get a substantial training secured for my Kindergarten team, with potential for ALL Kinder teachers to be trained District-wide, YIPPEE!  That's a professional success story, tossed in for free.


  1. The more I read blogs the more I am amazed at how similar our Teaching work life is no matter what state or country we live in. That last paragraph totally hit home specially the part -the training days that didn't teach you anything days (have been there many times). I love my job. I love my students but all the mandates and extra things they add to our plate.. like serving breakfast in the classroom- really frustrates me. All I want to do is teach and find ways to make it FUN! So I totally agree with you and Jodi save the cards and enjoy those moments.

    1. Yeah, but even on the worst days I love my job always comes back to loving the kids, right?!?!

  2. I couldn't agree more...Kindergarten should be fun!!!


    1. Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment! I love your blog...especially your Meet the Bossy R Triplets pack.