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Friday, March 29, 2013

Old Stompin' Grounds

Well, I come from a line of educators -
  1. my Grandma, who taught in public school for 40 yrs. (general & special education)
  2. my Aunt Linda, who is a public school special education administrator/teacher for 25+ yrs.
  3. my sister, who has taught K & 1st in public school for 13 yrs.
So I am on a 2 week Spring Break {over Easter} in sunny Surprise, AZ.  It has been a welcomed Spring, we left just before the huge snow storm hit CO!!

I volunteered in my sis' room this Wed. & Th. - it was fun to see the progress of her kiddos & just to see how other schools/teams do is "technically" working, but as teachers it's hard to say NO.  I mean it's gonna be Easter, my sis just finished conferences, & who wouldn't give a day or two to help out & get someone caught up.

Plus she has a student who arrived in mid-February, who hadn't attended school...I was able to pull him into a few 1-on-1 sessions & it was great to give him some special attention, since he lives in a group home.

It was also fun to help the class with their Community Helpers/Neighborhood Unit too - this little paper brought tears (of laughter) to my sister's and my eyes:

"Fart Fart" was this little angel's attempt to spell Fire Fighter in his table group - PRESH!
I love Kinder, but it was nice to return to my old stompin' grounds of 1st in my sister's classroom.  It was rewarding to see those firsties doing so well - KUDOS!  It was also fun to get some ideas and insight into benchmark testing & posting student achievement for the kiddos in meaningful sis is also well into mapping CCSS, and it was cool to see how we are similar & different in our progress toward implementing CCSS & assessing CCSS.

Hoppy Easter,

Miss Kristan King :0)


  1. That sounds like so much fun! I love going into other classrooms and seeing how things are done and what a great way to help your sis! Hope you have a relaxing spring break!

    Clearly Kindergarten