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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Olympians I'm post dating my blog posts - AHHH!

I am so behind with switching from Windows to OS, B2S, & changing to Kindergarten.  I love my class, *ESPECIALLY* my Kinder teammates, & I can't say enough about my Apple TV, iPad, & MacBook, but geesh a girl has got to sleep!!

First day of school pic...done with Photo Booth on my iPad - my face is on a stick now, so my Kinders will know when & where to line up after lunch recess/hot lunch:

PLUS I had a blonde moment {no offense} and forgot my extra camera battery & charger in AZ while on my July vacation visiting my sis.  But wait...only took me a MONTH to ask my sis if I left it there /figure out whom to ask for help.  Today my teamie said, "Why don't you take the pics on your iPad?"  Can we say DUH!!!!  I swear, it was like God spoke - where has my head been?

Well, things are settling down {or I am adjusting to "the new normal" of having a schedule again, not really sure who/what needs adjusting}, so I'm updating my blog (not that I have an oober following anyway...).

To kick off the year I started with Welcome to Room 36's Olympic Unit.  My school did an AIMS (Arts, Inquiry, Math, & Science) focus day all geared around the London Games - it was a fun day, check out our flag:

Don't we...Light the flame for learning in Kindergarten?  So P.E.R.F.E.C.T.!!!!

But in Kindergarten a day wasn't enough...we wanted a week, so we used Mrs. Willamson's packet & went for GOLD!

Admit it...these are the C.U.T.E.S.T. things you ever did see!!!!!!
Did you notice my little black haired pom-pom pigtails - she was embarrassed that her's looked so different from all the others...I {with a straight face} said, "No, it looks just like you."  And it REALLY DOES, she did a remarkable job {everyone comments on her's, BTW}!

To accompany this kick-off I'm reading Mary Poppins to my kiddos...then we'll have a brown bag popcorn & movie lunch/snack to enjoy the flick as a special treat.  It may also be my 1st EVER TpT unit for sale - so excited!  Don't you love that movie, I mean Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews - what a duo!!

Miss King

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