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Friday, June 22, 2012

On to Kinder & Clutter

This week I've returned from my semi-"stay"cation (Colorado Springs isn't far from) Breckenridge, CO.  It was wonderful!  See...

Antie & Addi

I'm back to the organizational tasks of moving my room & finding places for all the STUFF that can pile up over the year {who am I kidding, 7 years!}. 

I am not oober organized, but I find things efficiently and my system works for me.  I would like to maintain a clean desk/work area at all times & my goal this year is to DO IT!  {Plus, I don't have a desk - none of my other Kinder teammates do & REALLY want to get there too, we'll see!!}.  I haven't had the luxury of keeping the same room (I have moved ALMOST every year in my career), but the positive side to moving is getting rid of the junk & clutter. 

Now, I'm organizing pipe cleaners, googly eyes, paint, etc. in an attempt to organize my cupboards and keep everything crafty in it's place.  This stuff just gets shoved in a place (usually) and then I search frantically for it when I need it - not such a great system.  I've overlooked the cupboards for so long because I can easily shut the doors (out of sight out of mind :0)...that's how I roll!).  Plus, I inherited a lot of supplies from the Kinder room's previous owner - I'm grateful, but now I have to go through all this sort out what I have, need, & make sure I keep it all ORGANIZED.  Once I do it, I'm excellent at keeping it up, I just have to get into gear & GET STARTED!

I inherited a HUGE storage closet & am excited that I have moved into that area efficiently {before my "stay"cation}.  Thank heavens for mothers - I had a plan & started, but in Mom rolls and helped me make it even BETTER!  Moms ROCK :0)!!!

On my summer to do list:
  1. Finish organizing/labeling craft supplies for cupboards
  2. Build crate seats for holding literacy center tapes/CDs
  3. Organize math tubs for workstations
I'll post pics of my completed organizational prowess, but I'm not working at school so it won't be the before/after thing...this stuff is all piled up in my garage {thank goodness I'm single because I'm sure the mountains of stuff would really upset a boyfriend/spouse...they'd not be able to park in the garage (he he)}.  Plus, I think it's good to work a little & then read a little, the PERKS of not having a schedule!


  1. If you need any help, I love that kind of thing!:) Also, aren't we supposed to be getting together?!

  2. Hi! I've given you the One Lovely Blog award over in my latest post, come check it out! :)