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Saturday, February 1, 2014

February Currently

It's been a month or TWO...since my last currently {Sorry}!  There has really been a lot going on since, well...about Thanksgiving!

I went to a Michael Buble concert & then was non-stop until now, I swear!  It didn't help getting sick over the holidays, it took WEEKS to recover.

I have been taking pictures & planning an awesome training at my school {got awarded a coin for engagement, in front of my district}.  So, my little teacher blog has been neglected!

But I'm back & have some exciting things in the works (hate to post it & then it fall through, so I'll give details later...but it's SUPER EXCITING for me)!  So bring on the Currently, thanks again Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade:

Well, I (like many others) have fallen in love with AI & Harry as a judge!!  Love his music & I think his humor is a great addition.

Tuesday mornings in my Kindergarten classroom - I'm calling it "drawing therapy!"  We are using an amazing program called Drawing Children Into Reading - Project 64.  I call it therapy because the room is quiet, the kids are relaxed, & engaged, & we just use our pencil grip to draw & then color our amazing pictures!

There is still 1 theater playing "Saving Mr. Banks" & I really want to see it!  Maybe I'll brave the snowy weather to enjoy this Tom Hanks flick.

The training I attended/planned last weekend was great, but a 12 day straight work week was TOUGH.  I'm wanting to just relax, possibly enjoy a show, & read a good book...the down time was needed.

I'm all good!  I feel like my deadlines have been met & I'm cookin' right along in K.  No complaints or needs, as of right now.

2 Truths:
1. Okay, I do know all the words to the "Frozen" soundtrack, LOL!  We've been singing it in my room & my Kinders belt out "Let It Go" so loudly that various other students/teachers have commented.  No shame in it, the songs are great & we're having FUN {I may also have had a parent e-mail me about afore said singing, when "Frozen" songs were played on their Pandora Disney radio channel & their child knew ALL.THE.WORDS.!  What can I say - we get down?!}

2. I make the BEST salsa!  I get compliments & asked for the recipe EVERY time.  It's my gift to the world, LOL.  Recipe (since I know you'll want it): 9 roma tomatoes quartered, 12-15 sprigs of fresh cilantro, 4 cloves peeled garlic, 2 tsp. salt, 2 tbsp./juice of 1 lemon & zest, 1/2 red onion, 1 roasted green chili (anaheim is good, just roast & remove outside skin, ribs, & seeds), 2 jalape├▒os (remove stems, seeds, & ribs) - put all ingredients in a food processor & pulse...I like it finely chopped & kinda of juicy.  *If you like spice then keep the pepper seeds & ribs -- I'm a baby in this dept. so I prefer to keep the heat OUT, so I remove them.*  ENJOY!).

1 Fib:
1. I use my Cricut machine!  I love the idea of it, but I have only used it 2 times...a lot of money to spend on something that I used to make homemade gift tags & 1 poster for my classroom.  SHAME ON ME!!

Happy 1st of February,

Miss Kristan King


  1. I found your blog through Currently. What a jump from 5th to Kindergarten! Do you have a grade you prefer?

    1. Yup, Kinder...always said I'd *never* teach it too! God has bigger plans!

      I loved my 5th grade experience & teammates; however, I missed the primary content. Primary is my heart & Kinder has been such a blessing!

  2. Reading a good book is one of my favorite things to do too! I also have a cricut and can't say I use it often enough either :( It's such a pain to take out and set up! Enjoy your weekend!


    Today, in Second Grade

    1. Yeah, if I had it set up in a craft room - maybe I'd be better at using it!

      Nice meeting you via "February Currently."