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Thursday, December 5, 2013


So I have neglected my blog & did not meet my goal for Nov. {didn't post more this year than last, about different things - OF COURSE}.  I do have some photos to add, but I didn't Dropbox them from my iPad - say WHAT?!  I know...slacker!

Anyway, signed into my blogger account & realized's Dec. 5th.  I didn't do Currently, so here goes:

I love CHRISTMAS!!  I can't believe it's 12/5 and my tree isn't up & decorated!  But in my defense, I was gone for Thanksgiving & it has been C-to the-RAZY busy at school & home.  I didn't get to bed before 11:30pm any night this week so far, I'm glad we got to celebrate Noah's 6th birthday {my nephew}.  They grow so fast!!

Loving my snow guys, the high on Wed. was 10 degrees at 8am!!  With wind chill, it was like -5 degrees, school all day & INDOOR RECESS...yeah, it was TOUGH for those Kinders!  We had a great day, but man I was tired & ready for a break/quiet house (there are perks to being single)!

My list is pretty self-explanatory...I'm having a tough time with gift ideas.  I'm becoming "THAT PERSON" - you know, the one that has no ideas for gifts!  I honestly can't think of anything...the best suggestion I could give my sis was a cute door wreath {that lights up}.

One of my favorite traditions was piling in the car & going through the neighborhoods looking at lights.  In Phoenix they map a route of the best one neighborhood you park & they'd open up their house!  Santa was taking a dip in their pool & a penguin passed out candy canes.  Not sure if that neighborhood still does that, but I had lots of fun doing this as a child with my siblings & as a teenager with my twin Uncles.

That's all...Merry Christmas,

Miss Kristan King :0)

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  1. I am always bouncing back and forth to my iPad to dropbox photos that I need, I totally understand where you are coming from! Catching Fire was fantastic, it is well worth going to see annnnd I absolutely love my Keurig so I encourage you to splurge on yourself!

    Happy December!